Clutch Replacement

The clutch is a vital part of any car, either manual or automatic. It is responsible for ensuring a safe and smooth gear change, and protects your engine from grinding its gears through changes. When your clutch is not operating correctly or is beginning to show signs of serious wear, it’s not only going to disturb your ride comfort, it can quickly become a hazard to your safety. When a clutch is slipping, it may not be able to engage a gear while you are driving. This means you lose control of acceleration, and this can cause you to have an accident.


Signs you may need a clutch replacement

It may not be clear to you what you are looking for when it comes to the health of your clutch. Some classic signs that you may need to replace your clutch are:

  • You’re finding it hard to select a gear
  • Your car has poor acceleration, or seems to rev inappropriately
  • The classic ‘slipping clutch’, where the car cannot remain in gear
  • You’re noticing fluid leaking from beneath the car, this may be clutch fluid
  • You smell burning during drives with a lot of start/stop motion

Even if you are familiar with these signs and you think you are experiencing them with your car, you may not be certain that it is your clutch that is at fault. We strongly recommend having an expert examine your car to know exactly what is happening and what can be done to bring it back to working order. If you notice one or more of these signs occurring with your car, we recommend you bring your car to a clutch expert to be assessed for wear or faults before any more damage occurs.


Why Choose S&G Gearbox Exchange

S&G Gearbox has been a trusted name for all clutch concerns in and around Perth for more than 40 years. After so many years providing Perth with clutch replacement services, our staff are more than experienced. We know clutches like the backs of our hands, and there is nothing we haven’t seen when it comes to faulty or worn out clutches. If we can’t fix it, no one can!

Life in Perth often requires a car. When you bring your car to S&G Gearbox Exchange, you are choosing clutch repair and replacement business complete with experienced technicians, excellent customer service and the decades of experience that you want when repairing your main means of transport.

If you need someone to look at your car for possible clutch repair or replacement, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us for more information. We’re always happy to help get our customers back on the road. You can give us a call on (08) 9356 9988, or fill in our online contact form.