Transfer Case

The transfer case is one of the defining features of a four-wheel drive vehicle. It forms part of the drivetrain, meaning it’s part of the system that brings the power from the engine to all four wheels. It allows the transmission to deliver its power to both the front and rear axles, but it also compensates for the different rotational requirements of each of the wheels, so that you can turn efficiently.

If your transfer case is worn out or faulty, this can seriously disrupt normal operation of your vehicle. It’s important to recognise the signs of failure and bring your can in for repair urgently.


How to know if your transfer case needs replacement

So how can you detect failure in your transfer case? There are some telltale warning signs that you can look for that will give you an indication that your transfer case may need attention:

  • Difficulty shifting gears of moving between four and two-wheel drive mode
  • Vehicles jumps in and out of four-wheel drive mode
  • Grinding noises coming from underneath the vehicle
  • Dark lubricant fluids, or leaking lubricant fluids
  • In extreme cases, the complete loss of four-wheel drive


What is the difference between part-time and full-time 4WD

Until relatively recently, vehicles could only be four wheel or two-wheel drive. It was not possible to shift power movements through the transfer case to make a four-wheel drive vehicle only deliver power to two wheels, and it was not possible to make a two-wheel drive vehicle deliver power to four. Four-wheel drives were in four-wheel drive mode full time, and two wheel drives were the same.

However, the rapid development of transfer cases has provided us with the part-time four-wheel drive mode. This allows you the driver to select whether the transfer case delivers powers to one or both axles. This means that you can run your four-wheel drive in two-wheel drive mode when your driving requirements are low.


Why Choose S&G Gearbox Exchange

It can be a challenge to determine which part of the drive train is causing these issues. S&G Gearboxes is equipped and experienced in providing expert assessments, advice and repairs for transfer cases, clutches and gearboxes for the four wheel drive enthusiasts of Perth. We have been operating in Perth for more than 40 years, and we love helping people get out into the world safely and smoothly. And not only do we have great skills and customer services, our workshop is outfitted with the latest technology and equipment, so we can handle any vehicle and any problem.

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