Lenny Eng

“We phoned up S & G because a friend had told us very good things about them. Over the phone they were able to tell us roughly what our options were and what the problem could possibly be. Not being too mechanically minded we were prepared for the worst. But to our surprise they charged us a much lower price than we had originally agreed upon because the damage was not as bad as they first thought. Not only that but they replaced our clutch as well and it still came in under quote!

That is the main reason why I would recommend S & G Gearbox Exchange. As far as they knew, we were prepared to pay much more for the repairs they performed on our car. But instead they just charged us only for the repairs that were neccessary. They didn’t make up any extra problems and they didn’t at any stage try to get more money out of us. In fact, they saved me money!

Thanks guys!”

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