Transmission Servicing in Perth

Servicing your transmission is critical. With so many small components in the transmission it is imperative that the transmission fluid remains clean and at the correct operating temperature. Any contamination may result in cooler flow blockages. Once any interruption is created to the cooler flow – additional heat is generated within the transmission and so the cycle begins – LESS FLOW, MORE HEAT, LESS LUBRICATION and slowly but surely your transmission comes to an end.

Servicing is recommended each 12 months or 30 000km, which ever occurs first.

At S & G Gearbox Exchange a service does not start and finish by just connecting fluid a flushing machine up and changing the fluid – we actually remove the sump, change the gasket and filter, flush the transmission if required and replace the transmission fluid. In addition the vehicle is checked for fault codes (if applicable to vehicle), and you are advised of any recorded problems which maybe existing or lay ahead of you.

A regular service is cheap insurance when compared to the cost of an early rebuild.