Since 2016 S&G Gearbox have been proud distributors of Roo Systems. After decades of experience providing expert gearbox and tuning services to Perth and WA, we know what works. Roo Systems are a great example of an Australian business providing a quality product to Australian customers to meet demand. Want to know more about how Roo Systems can give you some extra bounce? Read on!


What are Roo Systems?

Roo Systems are Australia’s most reputable Electronic Diesel Performance Tuning business. Roo Systems provide a specialised toolkit developed with the latest software and technology. It can hone your diesel engine system to provide the best power output, fuel efficiency, and cooling. We can tune your system to meet your specific needs. Whether you want  an ECU flash tune so your diesel engine just goes faster, or you’d like your 4WD to be better prepared for long, harsh off-road journeys, Roo Systems can give you that get up and go.


What we offer

We offer a range of Roo Systems services, and we love what we can do for our clients with a Roo System. All Roo systems services and products have been thoroughly tested and have been proven to work in the real world for 15 years. So you can feel confident that a Roo System does what it says on the tin.


RSA Tune

Roo Systems tuning will adjust your car computer to get the most out of the engine and give the best fuel efficiency. Most cars are tuned according to factory settings, which may not in fact be ideal. The RSA tune allows us to provide you with better acceleration, throttle response and fuel efficiency.


RSA Intercoolers

A standard intercooler will do the job in most environments and under many conditions. But if you take your diesel car on real adventures, a higher grade intercooler will provide a more rapid and reliable cool for your engine compressor. Roo System Intercoolers are an ideal choice for vehicles that need to be rugged enough for off-roading and long range trips.


RSA Exhaust

Roo System Exhausts have been hand-picked to be paired with the RSA tune, and for use in WA’s hot and harsh climate. A Roo System exhaust features the latest research and technology, and matches the mapping of your ECU tune to give you boosted power, fuel economy, and incredible durability and ground clearance. They are high-quality items so they come with a 5-year warranty, the same as most new cars!


Why Choose S&G Gearbox Exchange

S&G Gearboxes has proudly been providing specialist gearbox and engine services to Perth clients for over 40 years. We are a team of highly experienced and customer-oriented technicians who can offer you the very best of care for your engine and gearbox. If you are interested in upgrading your diesel vehicle to get the most out of it under even the harshest conditions, get in touch with us to discuss Roo Systems for you.

You can give us a call on tel:(08) 9356 9988 or send us an email.